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Chicago 2009 Video – Western Experience in Robotic Gastrectomy

Chicago 2009 Video – Western Experience in Robotic Gastrectomy

G. Pernazza, A. Coratti, A. Lombardi, M. Di Marino, G. Caravaglios, S. Tumbiolo, E. Gentile, L. Moraldi, F. Sbrana, PC Giulianotti

The presentation shows the results of a retrospective evaluation of oncological accuracy and postoperative outcomes of robotic surgery for gastric cancer in a 100 patients series (47 males, 53 females, mean age 66.5 years) collected between September 2001 and June 2009, at Misericordia Hospital of Grosseto (Italy) submitted to robotic gastric resection for cancer.
The pathologic findings confirm that robotic gastrectomy is oncologically adequate for gastric cancer: radical resection, D2 lymphadenectomy, and correct pathological staging are possible by robotic technique. The perioperative outcomes are good and similar to open surgery. The major morbidity is reduced by increasing experience.

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