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Robotic Right Colectomy

Robotic Right Colectomy

Mario Annecchiarico (Benevento – Italy) S. Amore Bonapasta

Patient was placed in supine position, 5 operative ports were placed. The abdominal cavity exploration excluded metastatic disease. After robot docking, ileocolic and right colic artery and vein were identified, ligated and divided with en-bloc lymphadenectomy which was extended to the lymph nodes of the mesenteric inferior vein. Right colon was mobilized and the terminal ileum was transected. Lymphadenectomy of the middle colic artery was performed and its right branch was ligated and divided. Transverse colon was transected in its second third. A stapled side to side ileocolic anastomosis was performed. The incision of a 12-mm port was enlarged to allow the specimen to be removed inside a retrieval bag. Operative time was 320 min, blood loss was 100cc.

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