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Right Hepatectomy

Right Hepatectomy

Coratti A, Annecchiarico M, Caravaglios G, Felicioni L, Coratti F, Lombardi A, Bianco L, Tacconi G, Di Marino M, Gentile E, Calamati G, Piagnerelli R

This video shows the relevant technical maneuvers in each step of a total robotic right hepatectomy. A 35-year-old woman was admitted for evaluation of an incidental hepatic mass noted after an intraparenchimal bleeding. A abdominal computed tomography (CT) revealed an hepatic adenomas with intraparenchimal hematoma. A robotic right hepatectomy was performed for this lesion, after intravascular embolization. An anatomic resection of the right liver was possible with selective control of main Glissonian pedicle to the right liver. The operating time was 420 min. The estimated intraoperative blood loss was approximately 600 ml; an intraoperative transfusion was not necessary. The patient was discharged on the 9th postoperative day without any postoperative complications.

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