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Robotic Hepatic Wedge

Robotic Hepatic Wedge

Coratti A, Annecchiarico M, Caravaglios G, Felicioni L, Coratti F, Lombardi A, Bianco L, Tacconi G, Di Marino M, Gentile E, Calamati G, Piagnerelli R

The recurrent liver metastasis in colon carcinoma are frequent. Robotic liver surgery has became safe and feasible, even in recurrent procedures. Robotic anatomical liver resections are still at an early stage of development. This video present a cases of resection for S6 hepatic metastasis. No blood transfusion was necessary. No surgical complications occurred and the patients were discharged on the four postoperative day. We conclude that, depending on the size and location of the tumor, robotic resection of liver for metastasis can be performed safely.

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