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Survey: Robotic Assisted Surgery Perceptions

Survey: Robotic Assisted Surgery Perceptions

An Investigation into the Barriers and Drivers to Adoption of Surgical Robotic Systems

You are invited to participate in our research study into the barriers and drivers to adoption of Robotic Assisted Surgery [RAS] systems. This will include personal opinions and any benefits or limitations you have perceived from your experiences.

The survey will look at your attitudes toward RAS before adopting/using it for the first time, and your attitudes after adopting/using RAS in real-world practice. 

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria

To qualify for participation, you must have prior understanding/experience of both conventional surgery (open or laparoscopic) and robotic-assisted surgery (RAS).

You should also have personal experience of the system in one of the following capacities (or similar);

  • Surgeon, or Surgeon in Training
  • 1st Assistant or Scrub Technician/Nurse
  • Circulatory Nurse
  • Surgical Resourcing, Training and Administration
  • Robotic Researcher

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