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Robots don’t have hormones!

Robots don’t have hormones!

Written by: Todd Kurtz

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    It came to my attention that the last published comic strip was poorly received by many and considered sexist and offensive.
    I would like to extend my sincere apologies to anyone that felt offended, it was not the Editor’s intention.
    The cartoon was playing on the double meaning of the word “curve” and the emotional reactions to challenging situations, like a difficult surgery.
    Satyr, humor, comics are expression of free thinking and the foundation of Democracy. Satyr, at times, is above formalities, convention and politically correct considerations. It may hurt, but it may also provoke serious discussion and reactions and it should therefore respected and protected.

    In this instance, it stimulated a positive and constructive debate around real issues such as discrimination, equal opportunities, and disparities in surgery. I truly hope the Editorial Corner could become a serious forum for our members to engage and challenge each other on meaningful topics.
    Any suggestion to improve the Editorial Corner, or desire to participate in its activities is more than welcome.
    The Editor

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