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PANFRAIL” (Pancreatic Resections in Frail Patients) which

PANFRAIL” (Pancreatic Resections in Frail Patients) which

Dear CRSA Members,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the scientific project “PANFRAIL” (Pancreatic Resections in Frail Patients) which aims at retrospectively assessing the surgical outcomes in obese and old (i.e. frail) patients undergoing pancreatic resections with open, laparoscopic and robotic approaches.

The project will be divided into two macro areas of investigation, for a total of 3 distinct scientific publications:

  1. Pancreatoduodenectomy: to streamline the data collection a common database will be maintained for the pancreatoduodenectomy patients. However, there will be 2 distinct publications on this matter: 1. One study assessing pancreatoduodenectomy patients aged 80 years old and older; and 2. Another distinct publication assessing pancreatoduodenectomy patients with BMI more than 30.
  2. Distal pancreatectomy: one study (with its separate database) evaluating distal pancreatectomy in patients aged eighty years or older.

These retrospective multicenter studies will have all the statistical analyses and literature reviews conducted by the PI’s. The Senior PI will be Prof PC Giulianotti, Prof Luca Morelli and Prof Benedetto Ielpo. The Junior PI will be Dr Aberto Mangano, Dr Tiziana Marchese and Dr Valentina Valle.

All participating centers will be listed for the co-authorship of the articles that we plan to publish. The number of co-authors for each center and author’s list will be decided according to the number of patients included, but a minimum of 2 co-authors will be guaranteed for each center.
Please note, however, that authorship will be granted only to CRSA members in good standing.

To express your willingness to participate, please click here

If you have any additional questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out at the email above.

We look forward to receiving your positive reply.


Prof. Luca Morelli
Prof. Benedetto Ielpo
on behalf of the Scientific Committee of CRSA

Please find  the project outline:

Distal in Old patients

Whipple in Obese and old patients


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