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Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

Robotic Pancreatic Surgery

May 26 2021,


Organizer:    Baiyong SHEN, MD,PHD,FACS. Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

09.00 am   Moderator and Introduction
Baiyong Shen (Shanghai Ruijin Hospital)

09.05 am    Robotic Surgery, a Tool or a Toy
Miao (Jiangsu people’s Hospital)

09.17 am   The learning curve and experience of LDP and RDP
Yiping Mou (Zhejiang people’s Hospital)

09.29 am   My reflection of practising robotic pancreatectomy
Chung-Ngai Tang (Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)

09.41 am   Personal experience of pancreaticojejunostomy in RPD
Chenghong Peng (Shanghai Ruijin Hospital)

09.53 am  “Tips and tricks for the robotic Whipple” after 20 years experience
Pier C. Giulianotti (University of Illinois at Chicago)

10.05 am    Discussion and Q&A Session
Baiyong Shen (Shanghai Ruijin Hospital)

10.30 am    End of work


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