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MIS and Robotic Pancreatectomy
Zoom Webinar

MIS and Robotic Pancreatectomy
Zoom Webinar

February  17th, 2021 (9:00am – 10:30am Chicago time)

09.00 am   Moderator and Introduction
Chung-ngai TANG (Hong Kong, China)

09.02 am   MIS distal pancreatectomy: technique & results
Horacio ASBUN (Miami, USA)

09.15 am   Other applications of robotic pancreatic neoplasm surgery
David KOOBY (Atlanta, USA)

09.28 am   Precise anatomical robotic PD
Yuichi NAGAKAWA (Tokyo, Japan)

09.41 am  Why I switched from lap. to robotic PD
Chinnusamy PALANIVELU (Coimbatore, India)

09.54 am   Unusual situations encountered in robotic PD
Chung-ngai TANG (Hong Kong, China)

10.07 am   Robotic PD: a proposal for standardization           
Pier Cristoforo GIULIANOTTI (Chicago, USA)

10.20 am  Discussion / Q&A                   

10.40 am    End of work



The event will be held on the Zoom Webinar platform

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