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Giuseppe Spinoglio, MD

Giuseppe Spinoglio, MD

Candiolo Turin, Italy

Spinoglio, G.

Chief of Robotic Colorectal and Digestive Surgery Candiolo Cancer Institute FPO I.R.C.C.S Candiolo Turin, Italy

He completed his general surgery residency and also a vascular surgery residency. Afterwards he trained as visiting physician at the Columbia University New York, at the

Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital New York and at the Hopital Cardio-Vasculaire Louls Pradel Lyon. He can be considered a pioneer in the advanced, mainly colonic, laparoscopic surgery teaching the technique to all his team and to many visitors teams in his hospital.

He contributed to standardize the technique of laparoscopic right hemicolectomy. His clinical interest was to diffusely implement the minimal-invasive laparoscopic surgery in every clinical setting, from routine benign diseases to advanced oncologic surgery, and to emergency surgery.

He has always been fond of any new technological advances that had the potential of adding benefits to patients in terms of oncological radicality and quality of life. This explains his interest in robotic surgery. His activity In robotic surgery began in 2005 and quickly he managed to treat one of the Italian largest series of patients with colo-rectal diseases. Dr. Spinoglio is member of many scientific societies and is author and co-author of almost 130 surgical scientific papers.

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