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7th Worldwide Meeting in Chicago – October 2-3, 2015

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  • 7th Worldwide Meeting in Chicago – October 2-3, 2015


Dear Colleagues,
It is with immense pleasure, and on behalf of the Clinical Robotic Surgery Association that I invite you to be a part of this community. Since its establishment in 2009, the CRSA has made tremendous strides functioning as a leading voice for the global community of minimally invasive surgeons using the robotic system in General Surgery, as we continue to ensure adherence to quality improvements in clinical practice with the goal of improving patient safety.
Our members have been instrumental in developing general robotic surgical techniques as well as advancing our knowledge concerning the benefits of robotic surgery. With continuous academic interactions, we have welcomed more than 1000 surgeons throughout the world. In addition to our building expertise in robotic surgery, robotic technologies have also evolved over the years, with the development of much more complex and capable robotic systems.
To take robotic surgery, and hence “general surgery”, to the next frontier will be a demanding task. Our current times are characterized by economic constraints being more prominent than ever. And equally important, patients safety concerns have become more sensitive throughout the years. At this difficult stage, many responsibilities fall into the hands of the CRSA community, to continue to advance robotic surgery by responding to the needs and demands of this current time. I have no doubt that with our history, we will continue to develop and advance the art and science of surgery.
This year we will establish committees that will address all aspects of robotic surgery, and I invite you to join our committees and work closely with worldwide experts. When it comes to the CRSA community, we take pride in valuing hard work and innovation, no matter who you are.
We are also excited to hold this year’s annual CRSA Congress in Chicago on October 2nd-3rd, 2015. This will be our 7th annual event with the same national and international atmosphere, but more innovative than ever before. I sincerely hope you can join us and take part in this event.
Your presence at this congress will be warmly appreciated. We look forward to your participation at our 7th Annual CRSA Worldwide Congress in the beautiful City of Chicago. Come and join us, as we actively commit to make this meeting a noteworthy accomplishment. We look forward to seeing you there.
Yours Sincerely,
Eren Berber, MD
CRSA President

Eren Berber


Scientific program

FREE Resident Registration for 2015 CRSA Clinical Congress in Chicago!

The 7th annual CRSA Worldwide Congress is coming soon!
This is a great opportunity to introduce young surgeons to the world of robotic surgery.
CRSA would like to show support for surgeons-in-training by offering FREE registration to selected residents.
Any attending MD who purchases registration for the 2015 Congress has the opportunity to invite and register 4 residents without charge.
To take advantage of this special offer, click here to go the CRSA 2015 congress registration page
Note: registration fees will not be waived for abstract presenters


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